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TRENDSETTERS lives at the heart of the Internationalist mission as it spotlights a person and an idea in international marketing. Over the last decade, we have amassed hundreds of profiles of extraordinary individuals and their groundbreaking work on our website.

We’ve learned that there’s interest in hearing the voices of these marketers directly, which has now given life to our TRENDSETTERS podcast series.



TRENDSETTERS: Simon Dermer Outlines How Issues of Digital Inclusion are Transforming our Online Lives

TRENDSETTERS: JP Kuehlwein Advocates Brand Elevation—the Success Drivers Behind Brands Considered to be Peerless & Priceless

TRENDSETTERS: A Look at the Pros, Cons, Challenges & Opportunities of AMBUSH MARKETING with Chris Chase and Alex Kelham

TRENDSETTERS: MediaCom's Latha Sundaram Advocates Cultural Agility & Purpose-Driven Marketing

TRENDSETTERS: WFA's Stephan Loerke Provides a New Framework to Help Marketers Lead on Climate Change Issues

TRENDSETTERS: Rob Rakowitz Discusses Brand Safety's First-Ever Digital Measurement Report through GARM

TRENDSETTERS: Molson Coors' Brad Feinberg Shares How Analytics and Creativity Can Deliver Breakthrough Results

TRENDSETTERS: Current's Erin Bruehl Discusses the Intersection between Trust and Relevance  

TRENDSETTERS: BNY Mellon's CMO Brenda Tsai Discusses Create Value and the Need to "Consider Everything."  

TRENDSETTERS: Vodafone's June Sugiyama Discusses Empowering Women and Girls through Technology 

TRENDSETTERS: Allyson Stewart-Allen Considers World Views of Brand USA and Discusses Brand Internationalization 

TRENDSETTERS: Emerson's Kathy Button Bell Talks about being Purpose-Led, Profit-Driven and ESG-Centric as Business and Marketing Evolves 

TRENDSETTERS: Doug Wood Looks at 2021 Advertising Legal Issues on the Minds of Marketers 

TRENDSETTERS: Sonsoles Gonzalez of Better Not Younger Moves from Big Beauty to Launching a New Brand for Forgotten Women 

TRENDSETTERS: Danone's Manos Spanos Discusses a Groundbreaking Program to Fight Food Insecurity  

TRENDSETTERS: Sir Martin Sorrell Looks Ahead as Marketers & Agencies Continue to Face Accelerated Change 

TRENDSETTERS: Wavemaker's Whitney Fishman Shares How Trends at CES will Affect Marketers

TRENDSETTERS: Two High-Profile Forecasters Anticipate What 2021 will Mean for Advertising, Marketing & Media 

TRENDSETTERS: Transformational Marketer, Perry Kamel, Creates New, Remarkably Purpose-Driven Company

TRENDSETTERS: Hewlett Packard Enterprise's Adam Benaroya Discusses Rethinking the Digital Customer Experience

TRENDSETTERS: Sebastian Jespersen, CEO of Vertic, Advocates a New UN Sustainable Development Goal as a Marketer's Digital Responsibility

TRENDSETTERS: Kimberly-Clark's Josh Blacksmith Discusses a Pivotal Moment for Consumer-Packaged Goods Companies

TRENDSETTERS: Kirsten Allegri Williams, CMO of Episerver, says Brands will Win on Digital Differentiation

TRENDSETTERS: Iris Meijer, CMO of Vodafone Business, Talks About Succeeding in Today's Digital World

TRENDSETTERS: GSK's Julie Chan Discusses the Need for Fluidity in Communications Planning Today

TRENDSETTERS: Yin Woon Rani, CEO of MilkPEP, Introduces a New “Got Milk?” for These Times…

TRENDSETTERS: Michael Moszynski, LONDON Advertising CEO, Demonstrates with an Agency Ad Campaign that the Size of the Idea is What Matters

TRENDSETTERS: From Top Marketer to Founder, Luis Gallardo Proves the Power of Brand Building

TRENDSETTERS: "Purpose is More Relevant Now than Ever Before" says Mirella Vitale of The ROCKWOOL Group

TRENDSETTERS: Orvis President Simon Perkins Talks about his Vision as a Purpose-Driven Company

TRENDSETTERS: RB's Olga Osminkina-Jones Believes Creativity is a Collaborative Process

TRENDSETTERS: Anna Bager Shares her Vision for the Future of Out of Home Advertising

TRENDSETTERS: Shell's Rahul Malhotra Proclaims, "Purpose is Dead, Long Live Purpose."

TRENDSETTERS: Anna Bager Shares her Vision for the Future of Out of Home Advertising

TRENDSETTERS: Hall of Famer Wally Snyder Talks Advertising EthicsI

TRENDSETTERS: Danone’s Manos Spanos Discusses Brand Storytelling in the Age of AI

TRENDSETTERS: Podcaster Rick Tocquigny Shares his Insights on Success Made to Last

TRENDSETTERS: Deluxe Corp’s Amanda Brinkman Demonstrates that Small Businesses have Big Hearts

TRENDSETTERS: BlackRock’s Graciela Benveniste Talks About Content, Media and Data Now.

TRENDSETTERS: Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Jodi Harris Reimagines Marketing to Thrive in a Disrupted World

Trendsetters: CSL’s Anthony Farina Urges Marketers “To Say What They Stand For”-- Especially Now...

Trendsetters:Marla Kaplowitz, 4A's CEO, Discusses the Value of Agencies Now and in the Future

Trendsetters: ANA's Bob Liodice on What Matters Now to Marketers

Trendsetters: IBM's Carole Irgang Looks Ahead to the 2025 Marketing World

Trendsetters: Hershey's Charlie Chappell Discusses a Mindset for Growth Amid Changing Times…

Trendsetters: Hiscox' Russ Findlay Looks at the Math and Magic of Marketing

Trendsetters: Rob Rakowitz Outlines at Davos New Actions from the Global Alliance for Responsible Media 

Trendsetters:A New Look at the Meaning of CES through the Perspectives of GroupM

Trendsetters: Unilever's Casey DePalma Advocates that Marketers Think Strategically and Long Term about Influencers

Trendsetters: Manuel Reyes of Cortex Rallies the Industry to Audit Forward and Future Proof Media

Trendsetters: PepsiCo's Mauro Porcini says that People Don't Buy Just Products Anymore...

Trendsetters: Vertic's Sebastian Jespersen Outlines the Key to Creating Today's Corporate Digital Ecosystem 

Trendsetters: Ally's CMO, Andrea Brimmer, Shares Why Marketing is Not for the Faint of Heart

Trendsetters: Caterpillar's Victoria Morrissey Discusses the Power of Emotion and the Humanity of Purpose

Trendsetters:  SAP's CMO Alicia Tillman Looks at Creating Brand Value in the Experience Economy

Trendsetters: Sir Martin Sorrell Looks to the Industry's Future...

Trendsetters: Airbnb's Geoff Seeley Discusses New Standards of Cultural Relevance

Trendsetters: Mastercard's Raja Rajamannar Shares his Vision for Securing Marketing's Future

Trendsetters: PHD's Phil Rowley says “EDTECH” is the Next Opportunity for Brands

Trendsetters: Cortex Media's Manuel Reyes Discusses the Latest Threat to Trust between Advertisers & Agencies

Trendsetters: Former P&G CEO Bob McDonald Discusses Values-Based Leadership & Company Purpose

Trendsetters: Pfizer Consumer Healthcare's Julie Chan Discusses the Personalization Paradox Now Facing Marketers

Trendsetters:  Reed Smith's Doug Wood Looks a Marketing Growth in 2019 from a Legal Perspective 

Trendsetters: P&G's Gerry D'Angelo Set to Drive Change in the Global Media Ecosystem 

Trendsetters:  Triggers' Leslie Zane Asserts that Every Brand Has Untapped Growth Potential 

Trendsetters: Hello's Craig Dubitsky Talks About Today's Changing Brand Expectations... 

Trendsetters: Ancestry's CMO Vineet Mehra Shares How Purpose & Performance are a are a Marketer's Responsibility

Trendsetters:  FedEx's Raj Subramaniam Proves How a Single, Positive Idea Can Resonate with All the World

Trendsetters: Down the Media Buying Rabbit Hole. Manuel Reyes Discusses the Federal Probe into Media Buying Practices

Trendsetters: Elliot Lum Offers a New Take on the Millennial Generation--The Power of Purpose & Entrepreneurism

Trendsetters: David Kersten Discusses Emerson’s Transformation to a Purpose-Driven Organization through #OneEmerson

Trendsetters: Blockchain is the Beginning of the Supply Chain Revolution for Media says Ashley Mackenzie of Fenestra

Trendsetters: Target's Kristi Argyilan Discusses the Math & Magic of Marketing

Trendsetters: Assessing Corporate Websites is Critical to the Modern Company says Vertic’s Sebastian Jespersen

Trendsetters: More Multinationals are Using Independent Media Auditors says Matt Green of WFA

Trendsetters:  Cortex Media's Manuel Reyes Asserts that Agency Conflicts of Interest are a Larger Issue than Transparency

Trendsetters:  Diageo's Peter Isaia Sees a New Dynamic between the Creative Idea and Feedback from Measurement

Trendsetters: Canvas' Paul Woolmington Asserts that the Magical Will Always Outshine the Logical.

Trendsetters: Brown-Forman's Carmen d'Ascendis Believes that Consumers Want Brands with Meaning

Trendsetters: Do You Really Need a Media Review? Asks Cortex Media's Roland Janisse

Trendsetters: Tongue Tied Shares the Language of Love Around the World

Trendsetters: The Top 10 Legal Concerns Marketers Will Face in 2018, According to Doug Wood of Reed Smith

Trendsetters: Are Platform Brands the Future of Branding? Asks Labbrand's Vladimir Djurovic

Trendsetters: SAP's CMO Alicia Tillman Looks at Technology and Purpose in a New Light....

Trendsetters: Tom Denford of ID Comms Looks at the Evolution of Media Transparency Issues

Trendsetters: R3's Greg Paull Looks at How to Implement New Consumer Touchpoints for Today's Purchase Journey

Trendsetters:  Samsung's Pio Schunker Talks About What It Takes to be a Meaningful Brand Today

Trendsetters: Cadillac's CMO Uwe Ellinghaus Shares How an Iconic Luxury Brand Stays Relevant to Consumers of Today and Tomorrow

Trendsetters: FairShare's Eamonn Store Looks at a Future Ad Agency Model with an Eye toward Purpose

Trendsetters:  P&G's Pritchard and ANA's Liodice Align on the New Responsibilities of Today's CMO

Trendsetters: Stephen White, JD Sports' Global CMO, Asserts that Retail Can be Vibrant

Trendsetters: Walmart CMO Tony Rogers Says that Time is as Important as Money to Today's Shoppers

Trendsetters: WFA's Catherine Armitage finds that 70% of Global Marketers Do Not Realize the Impact of GDPR

Trendsetters: Tim Castree's New Realism as CEO of Recently-Named Wavemaker is Driving Change

Trendsetters: Simon Dermer & Spiro Papathanasakis Discuss Building Purpose-Driven, Disability-Friendly Customer Experiences

Trendsetters: CMO Mirella Vitale Tells How Aligning around Purpose Changed Everything

Trendsetters: Deutsche Telekom's Gerhard Louw Discusses the Excitement & Challenges of the Digitization of Advertising & Media

Trendsetters: Luxury Marketers Talk Data, Content, and Unlocking the DNA of a Brand

Trendsetters:  John Elkins Asserts that to be a Strong Brand Today and in the Future, Marketers Must Embrace Leading Tech Solutions

Trendsetters: Coca-Cola's Ivan Pollard Questions Digital Metrics and Asks if Micro-Moments Aggregate to Scale?

Trendsetters:  John Elkins Asserts that to be a Strong Brand Today and in the Future, Marketers Must Embrace Leading Tech Solutions

Trendsetters: Asia's CMOs Embrace Complexity to Reach 57% of World's Consumers, According to R3's Greg Paull

Trendsetters: Moroccanoil’s David Krzypow Talks about Marketing Complexity v. Fundamentals as he Champions a Pioneering Brand

Trendsetters: Vertic's Sebastian Jespersen Sees 5 Trends in the Transformation of Corporate Websites

Trendsetters: Vodafone's Kit Haines-Bornheimer Shares How Data, IoT & Mobility are Changing Bottom Lines

Trendsetters: Taco Bell's CMO Marisa Thalberg Provides the Secret to Successful Marketing Now

Trendsetters: MediaCom's Rachel Brook Explains How She Humanizes the Complex World of Data

Trendsetters: Dave Berlin Discusses a New Approach to Digital Innovation at BP/Castrol

Trendsetters: WFA's Stephan Loerke Advocates Action in light of Shocking UK Programmatic Ad Placements

Trendsetters: IBM's Babs Rangaiah Discusses Why Brands Need New Digital Strategies

Trendsetters: Mars' Rob Rakowitz Discusses Transformation & a New Media Culture

Trendsetters: L'Oréal's Nadine Karp McHugh Talks About the Balance of Data & Creativity to Drive New Solutions

Trendsetters: CSL Limited's Anthony Farina Talks About Transforming Communications for a Global Biopharmaceutical Giant

Trendsetters: ROCKWOOL's Mirella Vitale Discusses Sustainability & Transformation for a Global Brand

Trendsetters: Beiersdorf's Martin Böhm Tells How Marketing's Shift to Data & Analytics is Changing Business Outcomes

Trendsetters: Angela Saferite Shares Advertisers' Top 10 Rules for Media Transparency

Trendsetters: P&G's Marc Pritchard Talks Creativity & Advocacy in Role as ANA Chair

Trendsetters: Cadillac's CMO Uwe Ellinghaus Focuses on Disruption and Next-Gen Car Buyers

Trendsetters: CA's Anna Griffin Talks About Re-Branding and the Art of Data

Trendsetters: Marchon's Thomas Burkhardt Talks About the Art & Science of Global Marketing

Trendsetters: Pepsi's Manos Spanos Outlines a High-Energy Global Content Strategy for Mountain Dew

Trendsetters: Amanda Brinkman of Deluxe Shows How a Meaningful Content Program Can Reinvent a Brand and Drive a Revolution

Trendsetters: SAP's CEO Bill McDermott Urges Business to Emphasize Customer Empathy & Co-Innovation

Trendsetters: Mondeléz' Debra Giampoli Shares New Trends in Client-Agency Partnerships

Trendsetters: IPG's Michael Roth Discusses Current Industry Issues at ANA's Advertising Financial Management Conference

Trendsetters: Tom Denford Demonstrates How Greater Clarity on Rebates Is Key to Trust Between Brands & Media Agencies

Trendsetters: MGM RESORTS' Lilian Tomovich Works to Make Data Simple To Build Brand Loyalty

Trendsetters: David Wheldon, CMO at RBS, offers a Stern Warning to Marketers throughout the World

Trendsetters: Edelman's Steve Rubel Offers Critical Advice on Content Creation and Distribution for a Changing Media Ecosystem

Trendsetters: Patrón Spirits' CMO Lee Applbaum Discusses Brand Authenticity & Connecting with Consumers' Evolving Interests

Trendsetters: IBM's Jon Iwata Explains Data's Limitations and Why the Future of Business is Cognitive

Trendsetters: Russ Findlay of Hiscox Talks about Data, Individualization and B2B Marketing's Evolution...

Trendsetters: Estee Lauder's Esther Uhalte Discusses How Global Media Strategy is Changing for Luxury Brands

Trendsetters: BASF Demonstrates that BtoE Marketing is Just as Important as BtoB and BtoC

Trendsetters: Evian's Olga Osminkina-Jones Shares How to Make a Classic Brand Contemporary

Trendsetters: John Billett Issues a Stern Warning to Global Marketers about Media Agency Management

Trendsetters: SAP's Johann Freilinger Discusses Marketing's Tipping Point in Today's Data-Driven Business Culture

Trendsetters: GE’s CMO Linda Boff Shares Her Strategy for Compelling Content

Trendsetters: Airbnb's Jonathan Mildenhall Wants to Create the First Community-Driven SuperBrand

Trendsetters: Dana Anderson of Mondelez Discusses the Power of Generosity—Setting a New Tone at ANA's Masters of Marketing

Trendsetters: Dentsu's Tim Andree Looks at a Changing Agency Business in a New Light

Trendsetters: Lenovo's CMO David Roman Embraces a "Never Stand Still” Brand Attitude

Trendsetters: Philips' Boon Lai Discusses Brand Transformation as Healthcare and Technology Intersect

Trendsetters: PepsiCo's Brad Jakeman Talks about Disruption's Effects on Marketing's Evolution and Structure

Trendsetters: Visa's Jessica Williams Talks about the Intersection of Innovation & Analytics

Trendsetters: GE's Andy Markowitz Discusses the Race for Accountability in a Time of Uncertainty

Trendsetters: Sir Martin Sorrell Shares his Thoughts on a Changing Industry

Trendsetters: MEC's Shenan Reed Talks about the Evolution of Digital Creativity

Trendsetters: Darren Woolley Outlines 5 Ways to Insure that Agency Incentive Payments Work Fairly & Beneficially

Trendsetters: P&G's JP Kuehlwein Redefines the Power and Significance of Modern Prestige Brands

Trendsetters: GroupM's Irwin Gotlieb Addresses Media Transparency & a New Cross-Industry Task Force

Trendsetters: It's Time for Agencies to Evolve, says Finland's Eka Ruola, Awarded CEO & CCO of hasan & partners

Trendsetters: Joanne Davis Discusses Talent, Training, Trust and Transparency as the Role of Global Procurement Shifts

Trendsetters: Erick Laseca, Kraft's Big Data Evangelist, Talks about Next-Gen Relationship Marketing

Trendsetters: R3’s Greg Paull Discusses Six Degrees of Integration for Agency-Marketer Alignment

Trendsetters: April Fools’ Day Around the World. David McCaughan Asks-Which Nationalities are Most Truthful?

Trendsetters: Itau’s Andrea Cordeiro Changes the Rules for Sponsorship Marketing

Trendsetters: DQ's Barry Westrum Explains How to Turn Around a Brand by Understanding Data

Trendsetters: Unilever's Kathy O'Brien Shares how a Brand that Empowers Women can also Resonate with Today's Men

Trendsetters: Millward Brown's Duncan Southgate Shares How 2015 will be a Year for Marketers to "Get Media Right"

Trendsetters: Joanne Davis Discusses How C-Suite Leaders are Evaluating Media Today

Trendsetters: Pete Blackshaw Discusses Nestlé's Digital Transformation to Build Brands and Delight Consumers

Trendsetters: The Ritz-Carlton's VP Marketing, Clayton Ruebensaal, Cites a New Era of Brand Communications

Trendsetters: GE’s Jason Hill Shares Thoughts on Building a Global Brand in Today’s Content-Rich World

Trendsetters: Barbara Basney of Xerox Talks about the Role of Content in Transforming a Legacy Brand

Dannon's Olesya Govorun Shares How Consumer Research Can Improve In-Store Communication

Trendsetters: JetBlue's Marty St. George Shares the Strategies of a Challenger Brand

Trendsetters: Vestas Wind Systems' Morten Albæk Champions "A Race We Must Win"

Trendsetters: Dana Anderson of Mondelēz Shares How Collaboration is Key to Marketing's Future

Trendsetters: Colgate-Palmolive's Nadine Karp McHugh Discusses New Structures for a Contemporary Marketing World

Trendsetters: MINI's Lee Nadler Discusses How Passion Creates a Successful Brand

Trendsetters: Zita Cassizzi shares Digital Marketing Insights as TOMS’ Global One-for-One Business Grows

Trendsetters: Subway's Global VP Jeff Larson Shares What it Takes to be an Effective Marketer Now

Trendsetters: Mondelēz International’s Bonin Bough Offers New Rallying Cry to Marketers

Trendsetters: PepsiCo’s Frank Cooper Talks about Transformation in a World where Mobile is a New Center of Gravity

Trendsetters: Brown Forman’s Carmen d’Ascendis Discusses the Nuances of Brand Relevance in a Shifting Marketing World.

Trendsetters: Rishad Tobaccowala Outlines 6 Trends to Shape the Future of Marketing

Trendsetters: Kellogg’s Aaron Fetters Shares Insights on Ad Accountability its Role in Product Sales

Trendsetters: LONDON’s Michael Moszynski Tells How New Wordeo Video Message App Brings Words to Life

Trendsetters: Brodeur’s Andrea Coville Talks about "Relevance” as a Single Word to Refocus a Complex Marketing Industry

Trendsetters: Millennial Leaders from Visa, Allstate and Capital One Talk Marketing and Share a View of the Industry’s Future

Trendsetters: Peter Hubbell Explains Why Marketers Should Care About Brad Pitt at 50, Cover Girl Christie Brinkley at 60 and Rocker Mick Jagger at 70

Trendsetters: Top Marketers Discuss Transformation at Brand Masters

Trendsetters: AMI’s John Price Sees 2014 as a Pivotal Year for Latin America

Trendsetters: GALA Defines How 43 Countries Manage Green or Eco-Friendly Advertising Claims

Trendsetters: OgilvyOne’s Gunther Schumacher Outlines Advertising’s New Currency, and Tells How British Airways Masters It

Trendsetters: Lowe Counsel’s Zoe Lazarus Shares Cultural Shifts that will Impact 2014

Trendsetters: SAP's Michael Brenner Offers a Perspective on the Future of Marketing

Trendsetters: Kraft's VP Media/Data/CRM, Bob Rupczynski, Talks about New Structures for a Real-Time World

Trendsetters: IKEA’s Camilla Hammar Shares Insights on Marketing in China

Trendsetters: FedEx’s Steve Pacheco, Advertising Person of the Year, Shares Secrets of Brand Success

Trendsetters: Diageo’s Michelle Klein Discusses the Power of Community in an Age of Social Sharing

Trendsetters: ABInBev’s Carlos Brito Discusses Leadership along with Political Giants Jeb Bush and Gordon Brown

Trendsetters: GroupM’s Chris Copeland Answers "What’s Next?”

Trendsetters: Vertic CEO Sebastian Jespersen Sees New Opportunities for Agencies in Product Development with Clients

Trendsetters: GE’s International Ad Director Jason Hill Shares How Company Has Morphed from Advertiser to Publisher

Trendsetters: Team One’s Mark Miller Redefines Global Affluents as a Tribe with New Values

Trendsetters: Virgin America's CMO Luanne Calvert Describes a New Marketing World

Trendsetters: Elise Mitchell, Dentsu’s New Global PR Champion, Shares a Vision for a New Collaborative Structure

TRENDSETTERS: M&C Saatchi CEO Jeff Brooks on why the Emerging Trend of Entrepreneurialism should Matter to Agencies and Clients alike

Trendsetters: MasterCard's JR Badian Shares How to Best Execute Brand Campaigns in Today's Digital Ecosystem

Trendsetters: Unilever's Media Innovation Leader Babs Rangaiah Talks of Reframing Marketing for a Connected World

Trendsetters: Dentsu’s Tim Andree Discusses Reinvention & Last Mover Advantages

Trendsetters: BuzzFeed’s Jonathan Perelman Shares Theories on Native Advertising & the Evolution of Media

Trendsetters: Scott Roen of American Express OPEN shares how Reciprocal Altruism fuels Small Business Growth

Trendsetters: GlobalWebIndex Founder Tom Smith Challenges us to Think Differently about Social Media around the World

Trendsetters: MDC Chairman Miles Nadal Discusses Changing Advertising Models & Today’s Economics  

Trendsetters: As Y&R Turns 90, CEO David Sable talks about Reinvention, Legacy, and the Mindset of Madison Avenue  

Trendsetters: Vestas Wind System’s CMO, Morten Albaek, challenges marketing professionals to transform into a new breed of business developers

Trendsetters: InterContinental Hotels’ Larry Light Leads a Global Marketing Transformation

Trendsetters: MediaCom’s Fraser Riddell Helps US Advertisers Think Beyond Borders

Trendsetters: Hudson Bay’s Richard Baker Talks about Marketing Differences between the US & Canada

Trendsetters: Darren Woolley & Michael Smith Navigate Automated Buying, Real-Time Bidding (RTB), plus DSPs, DMPs and ATBs

Trendsetters: Kellogg’s Jon Suarez-Davis Talks about Media Investments that Fuel Brand Growth

Trendsetters: Columbus Media’s Kate Williams Urges Companies to Embrace Entrepreneurship

Trendsetters: Pernod Ricard CMO Martin Riley discusses the Role of Brands in a Fast-Changing World

Trendsetters: Jimmy Maymann, new CEO of The Huffington Post, talks about International Expansion  

Trendsetters: Jack Daniel’s Carmen D'Ascendis Shares how a 145 year-old Brand stays Relevant  

Trendsetters: Prudential’s Colin McConnell Discusses Financial Advertising with Candor and with Heart  

Trendsetters: Brian McMahon of IPG Mediabrands' ORION Holdings Demonstrates the Advantage of Thinking Globally  

Trendsetters: MEC's Eamonn Store Reflects on Connecting Data to Insight & Redefining the Role of the Media Agency  

Trendsetters: Innovators Provide Guidelines for Brand Success in Today’s Complex World  

Trendsetters: Deep Focus’ Ian Schafer & Ken Kraemer See the Convergence of Mobile, Social & Content Marketing in 2013  

Trendsetters: GE’s Linda Boff and IBM’s Mark Preschen Discuss Marketing to the Individual and the New Customer Journey  

Trendsetters: Simon Kemp Focuses on China and Provides the State of a Social Nation  

Trendsetters: IBM's VP Corporate Marketing John Kennedy Talks About Big Data and 3 New Marketing Imperatives  

Trendsetters: Qnary's Bant Breen Discusses a New Consumer Currency  

Trendsetters: CoreBrand CEO Jim Gregory Offers 2013 Branding Industry Outlook  

Trendsetters: Social Media Guru Clay Shirky Predicts the End of the Audience  

Trendsetters: Puma's Adam Petrick shares how new Brand Marketing brings Joy to Sports  

Trendsetters: Lowe’s Jose Miguel Sokoloff Demonstrates How Marketing Changes Our World  

Trendsetters: Jez Frampton, Interbrand CEO, Discusses Top Global Brands of 2012  

Trendsetters: Morten Pedersen talks about the need for innovation and entrepreneurialism in the marketing and media industry  

Trendsetters: Top Marketers Share Strategies for Brand Growth and Results Now  

Trendsetters: MillerCoors’ CMO Andy England Shares his Marketing Priorities  

Trendsetters: ABB's Head of Branding & Advertising, Maria Jobin, talks about Repositioning a Business Brand for the Future  

Trendsetters: Zurich’s Barbara Ruebel Shares Lessons from Re-Branding  

Trendsetters: Group M's Dominic Proctor Urges Asia to Meet Higher Expectations  

Trendsetters: Nissan Americas' Jose Munoz Talks of Regional Opportunities  

Trendsetters: Gary Burandt, New ICOM+IN Managing Director, Discusses Client-Agency Relationship Trends  

Trendsetters: Nissan's Simon Sproule Discusses New Global Brand Campaign & Essential Integration  

Trendsetters: P&G's Marc Pritchard Discusses Superior Products & Fresh Creativity 

Trendsetters: President Bill Clinton Tells Ad Industry at Cannes they have Power to Solve World Problems 

Trendsetters: John Partilla Sets Tone as IAA Global Summit Looks at Evolving Client-Agency Relationships 

Trendsetters: Vestas’ Morten Albaek Urges CMOs to Take a "Transparency Pledge” at The Internationalist 100 event  

Trendsetters: John Price Outlines Changes in Latin America that Will Affect Marketing  

Trendsetters: A.G. Lafley, Former P&G CEO, Shares Thoughts on Emerging Leaders  

Trendsetters: Rob Langtry of Woolmark International Shares the Strategy of an Ingredient Brand  

Trendsetters: Coca Cola’s CMO Joe Tripodi Discusses the Role of Cultural Leadership  

Trendsetters: M1F Co-Founder, Dan Hestbaek, discusses "Next Practice" client/agency evaluations  

Trendsetters: Trendsetters: Dell’s CMO Karen Quintos Talks about Transformation & "The Power to Do More”  

Trendsetters: Samsung’s CMO Ralph Santana Discusses the Marketing Implications of Today’s New World of Screens  

Trendsetters: What’s Ahead in International Advertising for 2012? Industry Experts share their thoughts  

Trendsetters: Dentsu's CEO, Tadashi Ishii, Discusses "2012 Innovation Challenge" as the first anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake approaches  

Trendsetters: Organic's CEO Marita Scarfi discusses New Trends in Mobile and Social  

Trendsetters: SAP's Michael Brenner Suggests that Marketers Act more like Publishers.  

Trendsetters: IBM’s John Kennedy Offers Global CMO Insights in a Debut Study  

Trendsetters: Newsbreak: Global Agencies Find New Ways to Respond to Change at AdForum CEO Summit  

Trendsetters: PepsiCo's CEO Indra Nooyi Tells AdAsia that Optimism can Rise from Uncertainty.  

Trendsetters: What does it take to win in global marketing? Marc de Swaan Arons answers.  

Trendsetters: Ruihong Tang Tells how Neuromarketing is at the Leading Edge of Technology in China and the World  

Trendsetters: Darren Woolley Outlines the Difference in Agency Remuneration v. Compensation and Considers Future Models  

Trendsetters: The Luxury Marketing Council’s Chris Ramey Talks About Messages That Stick  

Trendsetters: Omnicom’s Tim Love Discusses the Impact of Language in a Post-Digital World  

Trendsetters: Ferragamo's Andrea Tremolada Tells How Italian Fashion is Adapting to a Changing Media World  

Trendsetters: Vestas' Albaek Demonstrates Consumers' Interest in Buying Brands Made with Renewable Energy  

Trendsetters: CMO Council's Neale-May Recommends the End of 'Random Acts of Marketing'  

Trendsetters: Cesar Vacchiano Reveals Brazil's Marketing Secrets  

Trendsetters: Naked's Paul Woolmington Defines the Inflection Point now Occurring in Marketing & Communications  

Trendsetters: Julian Boulding Considers Creativity Today & Looks at Cannes as an Indicator  

Trendsetters: International Retailer Gap, Inc. Shares its Social Media Lessons  

Trendsetters: Local & Multinational Companies Talk Frankly About China's Business Model 


Trendsetters: Leaders from Audi’s De Nysschen to Zappos’ Hsieh discuss How Innovation Transforms Brand Value 

Trendsetters: Siemens CMO, Tom Haas, Describes How to Navigate Complexity 

Trendsetters: Is the Big Idea Everything You Paid For? Asks Darren Woolley 

Trendsetters: Publicitas CEO, Beat Roeschlin, Talks about the Merging of Advertising Formats and New Concepts of Ad Sales 

Trendsetters: Is Heineken's Colin Westcott-Pitt the Most Interesting Man in Marketing? 

Trendsetters: P&G's Claire Molyneux Shows How to be a True Brand Ambassador in West Africa 

Trendsetters: NYSE Euronext’s Global Head of Marketing & Branding, Marisa Ricciardi, takes marketing to a new level 

Trendsetters: Jorg Borgwardt Cites How Lithuania is Approaching Creative Standards    

Trendsetters: Hasbro's Katy Giffault Talks About the Company’s Extraordinary Global Potential    

Trendsetters: World Federation of Advertisers’ Stephan Loerke Recommends How Marketers Can Respond to Change    

Trendsetters: Digicel's Kieran Foley Offers a Sustainable Lesson for Developing Marketst   

Trendsetters: Draftfcb's Jeff Tarakajian Shares Multicultural Lessons and Paints a New Picture of America    

Trendsetters: UM's Graeme Hutton Talks about Establishing the International Value of Influencers    

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