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Babs Rangaiah

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Trendsetters: IBM's Babs Rangaiah Discusses Why Brands Need New Digital Strategies

Babs Rangaiah has always been outspoken about new ways to engage with tech-savvy consumers, as well as the need to reframe communications for a digital age.

In the last several years, he has talked openly about a crisis in the ad business, has been candid about ad blocking, fraud and verification threats, has advocated for better content and improved user experience, all while encouraging brands to work directly with platforms. During his 14 years at Unilever, he established media partnerships that deeply engaged with digital consumers, largely through those publishers and platforms with the greatest access to users' data.

Since May, Babs has taken on a new position at IBM. He is Partner, Global Marketing Solutions with a directive to apply the considerable resources of the company's Interactive Experience (iX) division— with assets ranging from experience design to cognitive computing — to establish a marketing advisory blueprint for some of the world's top brands in our digital age. Few people are as well equipped for such a future-driven role.

Prior to joining IBM, Babs served as Vice President of Global Communications Planning and Digital Innovation for Unilever, and was based at the company's London Headquarters. He oversaw a team that worked with Global Brands to infuse New Media Strategy and Integrated Channel thinking into the creative development process. Under his leadership, Unilever was recognized as one of the best and most innovative marketers for their use of the Media & Digital space.

Babs Rangaiah talked with Deborah Malone of The Internationalist at the ANA's New York video studios about the need for new digital strategies for brands.

To learn more, play the video below.