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Anna Griffin, now SVP Corporate Marketing at CA Technologies was named a 2011 Internationalist of the Year for her work with Juniper Networks, one of the world's most successful networking companies. She has over 20 years of marketing experience and has led the full spectrum of global corporate marketing disciplines including advertising, marketing communications, sponsorships, thought leadership, social, demand generation and events. In addition to her prior role at Juniper, she has held marketing leadership positions at Nortel, and has driven global programs on behalf of recognized companies such as Saturn, Apple, Sony and Bank of America.

She reports to another Internationalist of the Year, Lauren Flaherty, CA Technologies' Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Before joining CA, Lauren was Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Juniper Networks, where she was credited with creating a world-class marketing capability that now extends from brand thought leadership and pipeline generation to digital, mobile and social media. Her earlier roles include CMO of Nortel and a long marketing career at IBM.


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Trendsetters: CA's Anna Griffin Talks About Re-Branding and the Art of Data

Most marketers would agree that re-branding a company, product or service is one of the most exciting projects they'll ever embark upon. Yet, they'll also admit that it is one of the most challenging. CA Technologies' Senior Vice President of Corporate Marketing, Anna Griffin, recently talked about the company's efforts to capture life in the App Economy through advertising, as well as integrated technology and a media partnership, that together bring to life CA's capabilities.

Long Island, New York- based CA Technologies, formerly known as Computer Associates International, ranks as one of the largest independent software corporations in the world. CA works with companies around the globe to eliminate barriers between ideas and business outcomes by creating software that fuels transformation, especially given the opportunities of the application economy.

The CA advertising program itself has also been transformational for the software maker as it is seizing the sensational atmosphere of US Presidential Election, and the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates, to show just how CA can help companies navigate and shape this new world. The ads also provide a platform to showcase the technology used to power the CNN Politics app, which was built in partnership with CA Technologies. The data-centric app -- built using CA API Management solutions and CA App Experience Analytics -- gives voters access to the data driving the political landscape and puts them on level footing with the experts to understand who is winning the 2016 U.S. presidential election now and why.

Anna talked with Deborah Malone of The Internationalist at the ANA's New York video studios about rebranding and the role that marketing plays in enabling CA's growth strategy. The video series highlights the current interests of top marketers as they apply new ideas and innovative thinking to today's changing marketing ecosystem. Anna Griffin also shared her experience with the "art of data and analytics." She discussed the downhill effect of a typical business pipeline and how marketing sensibility can enhance the understanding of real-time data.

To learn more from Anna Griffin, play the video below.


For a longer version of the video interview with Anna Griffin and Deborah Malone, play the video below.