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Manos Spanos

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Trendsetters: Pepsi's Manos Spanos Outlines a High-Energy Global Content Strategy for Mountain Dew

Manos Spanos, Global Senior Director of Mountain Dew within PepsiCo's Global Beverages Group, is an extremely passionate and energetic brand marketer, who truly embodies what it means to live the brand.

His ground-breaking global content strategy for Mountain Dew has literally created a new style of flexible template for multinational brands in a 24/7 social media world. By providing global content with specific features that account for varying content types and social-sharing triggers, Mountain Dew has been able to overcome the age-old obstacle of global inconsistency when local markets opt for what it best relevant. Plus, the program builds the global look and feel of the brand, but also increases organic reach within a country.

At the heart of the program is a 52-week Content Strategy based on a "Periodic Table of Content" delivered to each country every month. This includes suggestions of what to post when, the best channels to use for specific distribution, how to promote properly, and the goals for each Content Piece. An Online Performance Dashboard enables each country to see, in real time, their results, while providing opportunities to optimize campaigns with specific targeting to ultimately affect ROI.

The strength of the global content program has resulted in exceptional increases for Mountain Dew in online engagement with the brand, as well as growth in searches, brand popularity and organic reach.

To learn more from Manos Spanos, play the video below.


For a longer version of the video interview with Manos Spanos and Deborah Malone, play the video below.

Born in Athens, Manos has over 15 years of consumer goods experience and is excited by the intersection of marketing and technology. He was named an Internationalist of the Year in 2016. An alumnus of Hartwick College in New York, he holds a Bachelor's Degree in Management and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Miami.