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Dave Berlin

Dave Berlin

Dave Berlin's marketing career is highly diverse with experience in both consumer and B2B marketing across most marketing responsibilities. He has held positions across a broad range of Fortune 500 companies including Johnson & Johnson, Playtex, Inc., First Brands Corporation (now Clorox), AT&T and now BP. Over his career, he has shown a strong ability to find creative ways to derive value from business partnerships. When Dave isn't working, he relaxes by playing a round of golf or playing music. If you're ever caught in Northern Jersey on a Friday or Saturday night you might catch Dave out playing with his band No Time...apply named because no one in the band has any.

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Trendsetters: Dave Berlin Discusses a New Approach to Digital Innovation at BP/Castrol

As Director of Digital Business Development at BP's Castrol Lubricants Division, Dave Berlin would be among the first to admit that the auto industry is undergoing sweeping transformation--from the very evolution of vehicles to new consumer sentiment toward transportation. At the same time, he is equally involved with navigating the tremendous digital change now occurring within marketing.

Interestingly, Dave Berlin's role occurs at the intersection of these two shifting landscapes, so while he explores new attitudes towards car maintenance, he is also gauging how that space is affected by the growing use of mobile phone apps.

Dave is also part of an internal team at BP that is focused on Innovation--at the convergence of product development and digital possibilities.

Called Castrol InnoVentures, the initiative is part JV investment group and part business development. While InnoVentures looks five-to-ten years ahead, the group has already made 12 investments. Dave nurtures a number of these companies.

The InnoVentures team shares a passion for groundbreaking ideas and boasts a wealth of experience in technology, marketing, operations, sustainability and engineering. This mix of experience and enthusiasm means it can identify and support ideas that have genuine potential to redefine the market.

In fact, the group's success is gaining attention within BP as the global oil and gas leader is exploring a task force based on InnoVentures's work for other downstream opportunities.

Dave Berlin talked with Deborah Malone of The Internationalist at the ANA's New York video studios about how internal innovation groups can makes a significant difference in times of change.

To learn more, play the video below.