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Kit Haines-Bornheimer

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Trendsetters: Vodafone's Kit Haines-Bornheimer Shares How Data, IoT & Mobility are Changing Bottom Lines

Kit Haines-Bornheimer leads marketing for Vodafone Global Enterprise in the Americas by focusing on a comprehensive set of total communications products and solutions for large multinational businesses. Working for a UK-headquartered company in the US enables her the flexibility to test what works best in the Americas, while having the support of a global enterprise.

Through her business-to-business marketing efforts, she sees a new reliance on data in her goals to better engage with both decision-makers and influencers in the telephony process. "The Enterprise companies we work with spend less time thinking about pure telephony, and more time thinking about enhancing digital processes to drive business efficiencies," she says. "It's about connecting people, places and things in ways that reduce costs and drive new opportunities."

In a digital age with greater targeting and more data capabilities, Kit sees the gap closing between B2B and B2C marketing. "We're talking to people, not targets. So, finding the people-- regardless if they are making personal buying decisions or decisions on behalf of a company they represent-- is the name of the game." She adds, "Granted, in a B2B environment, traditional mass advertising doesn't necessarily play as big a role except for building brand awareness, but in many other ways, B2B and B2C are becoming much more alike."

Kit also admits that when she began her career in B2B, marketing was still very much a uni-directional world. "The evolving practice of digital marketing means we now have conversation with our customers in a bi-directional manner. We use digital technologies to evolve our message, leading from awareness to consideration to sale. We have more data than ever, and now it's about finding the people that matter, and having conversations directly with them, which new media capabilities are making possible."

Kit Haines-Bornheimer talked with Deborah Malone of The Internationalist at the ANA's New York video studios about her role at Vodafone and how IoT and mobile-technology in the hands of a work force can make in difference in doing business and on the bottom line.

To learn more, play the video below.