Reassessing Purpose as Society’s Expectations for Business Rise

TODAY'S MARKETERS now have a sophisticated understanding of the ideals of brand purpose or of the purpose-led organization; however, the sudden complexity of 2020's events is causing them to reassess how marketing's role can make a difference amid so much change and uncertainty.

Yes, purpose matters, and society's expectations for business are rising. Given today's accelerated stakeholder capitalism and corporate citizenship, is it possible to deliver unified, purposeful messaging across today's multifaceted range of environmental, social, economic, and sustainable priorities-- when everyone is working from home and organizations need to transform at breakneck speed? If "corporate culture" is vulnerable in a remote world, what about "purpose," which is so often linked to culture? Or can these essentials become refreshed through significant acts and easy-to-use technology as we strive for a new humanization of business?

The Internationalist conducted a survey in late August and early September 2020, as part of our Internationalist INSIGHTS Survey series, among marketers worldwide to understand more about their sentiments on the evolution of purpose in a tumultuous year. These results help to shape The Internationalist's content, think tanks and initiatives around marketers' core concerns.

12 pages with all comments and answers to open-ended questions.

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