What is Marketing's Future as Notions of Work and Talent change?

Until recently, most organizations believed that offices were essential to productivity, corporate culture and even attracting talent. Many chose prime locations in the world's top cities and designed spaces that fostered collaboration.

Today's marketers believe that new ways of working, the need for expanded skill sets, and refined priorities for talent and teams are dramatically reshaping their roles now. The results of The Internationalist's June 2020 INSIGHTS Survey on Marketing: The Future of Work | The Future of Talent not only indicate that an overwhelming majority of marketers (95.5%) see themselves "working remotely more often for the foreseeable future," but they anticipate shifts in corporate culture, seek a cadre of self-starters, predict greatly-reduced office space, and believe there will be far less business travel. As they rethink their career priorities, as well as the abilities needed to succeed today in a work from home world, 48.8% would consider living elsewhere given the benefits of remote access.

Without doubt, the survey touched a nerve, as each question stimulated detailed, individual feedback. Among the issues the Internationalist INSIGHTS Survey explored were:

  • Will brands attract the talent they need to weather a post-lockdown economy with less restraints on location?
  • Does a company's culture change with less physical interaction? What about productivity?
  • How do marketers handle the onboarding of new employees, as well as professional development and mentorship?
  • Or will employees who are released from the stress of commuting be happier, better balanced, and more committed workers?

15 pages with all comments and answers to open-ended questions.

Cost: USD $99.00